Benefits of Feeding Plant-Based Treats

Benefits of Feeding Plant-Based Treats

Over the recent years, it would be impossible to ignore the rise in plant-based food storming supermarket shelves. With many of us now opting for meat-free options, it appears that even our pets are preferring the pawfection of plants. 

Offering both nutritional and environmental benefits, plant-based treats have taken the pet food market by storm and with research suggesting plant-based diets provide the same level of nutrition as meat-based – it really is no wonder that dogs are going barking mad for plant-based treats.  

Plant-based Popularity

Across the globe, we are doing what we can to create a more sustainable way of life. As CO2 emissions rise, we are all taking a magnifying glass on how our behaviours are affecting planet earth. Arguments about the environmental impact of meat farming and consumption have swept not just our nation and as we become more aware of sustainability – there has been a subsequent rise in vegetarianism and veganism around the world. 

Raising awareness of the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Veganuary, is now an entire month dedicated at the start of the year to promoting a healthier, happier, and more wholesome way of life and this phenomenon has even spread to our furry friend too!

Is a Plant-Based Diet Nutritionally Substantial?

For years, we have constantly been told to feed our pets a diet consisting of proteins such as chicken, beef, or lamb – but did you know your pets can receive the same nutritional benefits from their fabulous five-a-day. 

Maintain Healthy Heat & Muscles

Leafy greens, like Kale and Spinach, can offer pawfuls of iron to support muscle maintenance and a healthy cardiovascular system. Containing the same amount of iron per 100mg as meat, those leafy veggies are a great alternative for those opting for a more plant-based diet for their dogs. 

Support Immunity

Root vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin and even sweet potatoes are superb sources of Beta Carotene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C helping to keep your dog’s immune system working exactly as it should. These root veggies are also a great way of adding filling power to your dog’s dinners (which are often used to replace nasty white grain, like potato and rice, that often leave your dog’s digestive system in discomfort). 

Great for Doggy Digestion

Packed with heaps and heaps of natural fibre, plant-based ingredients are a great way of keeping your dog’s digestive system working exactly as it should. Helping to reduce bloating, excessive flatulence and regulate bowel movements – plant-based diets can even help make your dog’s poops less loose and less stinky. 

Plant & Paws

Dedicated to providing plant-based alternatives to support our pet’s health and well-being, this fast-growing and innovative brand put nutrition at the heart of their brilliant business.

Developed and designed by a producer with already 10 years of experience in the market, this Irish-born brand is doing more than creating healthy treats for our canine companions. 1% of their total sales of these scrumptious snacks are then donated to charity to help support the lives of four-legged friends across the UK. 

Made in Ireland and using natural and local ingredients means Plant & Paws is working to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation of goods and working to become both an eco-conscious and sustainable business. 

Understanding the impact of single-use plastic on both our land and oceans, they have made all their packaging recyclable meaning no nasty packaging is left to degrade when you have finished treating your pet. 

Plant & Paws Treats

Made with 100% natural ingredients and nothing more, these delightfully delicious chews and treats are a healthy and wholesome way of rewarding your dog. Created with your dog’s nutrition in mind, their classic combination of fruits and vegetables provides your pooch with all the vitamins they need for: 

  • Healthy coat and fur
  • Better digestion 
  • Greater immune support
  • Support from allergies and intolerances 
  • Weight management. 

Low fat 100% plant-based, these tasty treats can rival any meat-based product and can offer the same nutritional benefits as their meaty counterparts. So, if you are on the fence about plant-based treats for your pet – Plant & Paws scrumptious snacks will soon have you and your pooch firmly on the side of sustainability! 

Their Fabulous Flavours

At Plant & Paws, nutrition and flavour go hand in hand when developing their tasty treats. Combining fruits and vegetables that our dogs know and love is not just about giving them the nutritional support they need but offering them a plethora of fantastic flavours which leaves them woofing for more! 

Both their plant-based chews and natural dog bites are created with ingredients that our dogs cannot help but adore time and time again. Flavours include:

So, if you are totally new to the powers of plant-based for your pet, why not give plant-based treats a go and head to website and enter code PLANT for 25% discount. 
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