Keeping Your Pup Healthy with All-Natural Vegan Low-Fat Treats

Keeping Your Pup Healthy with All-Natural Vegan Low-Fat Treats

Over the recent years, veganism has taken the world by storm. As many of us are choosing to live healthier and more eco-friendly, it appears we are beginning to make the same choices for our four-legged friends. 

When it comes to our dog’s daily diets, nutrition is a significant factor of how we choose what goes into their bodies. So, if we can provide our pets with food and treats that are beneficial to their bodies then it’s no surprise veganism for our dogs is becoming the top choice for pet owners across the globe. Lower in fat, calories and offering more nutritional value per bite, here’s all the reasons why making the move to vegan treats will create positive changes in your dog’s health and wellbeing this spring. 

What are All-Natural Vegan Low-Fat Treats

For centuries, we have often associated meat-based food for our canine companions and images of them chomping on bones to their hearts content. With the world opting for more sustainable living and canine dietary experts constantly researching how different foods and ingredients can benefits our pets – many of us are opting for healthier alternatives to feed our furry friends. 

Often higher in calories, meat-based treats have been under the microscope in the pet food world as we have seen a recent rise in allergies and intolerances stemming from overexposure to common meats like beef and chicken. Leading to gastrointestinal upset and skin irritations, meat-based intolerances have led many pet owners to opt for healthier, more wholesome vegan-based treats

All-natural treats refer to the ingredients sourced without any additives or that have been artificially flavoured or manufactured. Created from human-grade fruits, vegetables and botanicals, vegan dog treats contain only natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature’s Garden and specially selected for their beneficial nutritional value. From improved digestion, coat, and skin health and great for weight management, vegan dog treats really can benefit the health and wellbeing of your four-legged friend. 

Benefits of Low-Fat Treats for Your Dog’s Health

When it comes to healthy food for your furry friend, there are no better treats than those made with ingredients that are 100% natural. Supporting everything from your dog’s immunity to their skin and coat health, changing your dog’s treats to vegan varieties can result in positive differences to their overall health and wellbeing. 

Improved Skin & Coat

Notice your dog itching or their skin flaking? This could be a sign their food and treats is not proving the correct amount of vitamins to stay soft and supple. High in Vitamin E and those essential Omega oils, vegan treats can help improve the feel and appearance of both your dog’s skin and coat helping to reduce the likelihood of dry, itchy, and flaky skin. 

Improved Digestion

Containing fruits and vegetables high in natural fibre, vegan treats are an excellent way of keeping your dog’s gut health in tip top shape. Carrots, berries, and bananas are among some of the best fruit and veggies suited to support your dog’s gastrointestinal system due to their high levels of natural fibre. For dogs who suffer from digestive upset, like constipation or diarrhoea, natural fibre is a great way of keeping their stomach free from sensitivity. 

Weight Loss

For senior dogs or those prone to obesity, higher fat treats can increase the likelihood of your dog putting on unnecessary pounds putting pressure on their heart, joints, and gut health. Opting for treats that are lower in fat can help manage your dog’s weight and keep their gastrointestinal systems working exactly as it should. Lower in calories and providing your pooch with a little extra nutritional TLC, vegan treats are the pawfect way of keeping your dog healthy and happy. 

Incorporating All-Natural Vegan Low-Fat Treats in Your Dogs Diet

No matter how small the dietary change, it is important to slowly transition your dog onto any new food or treats. If you provide your pet with treats before leaving them to go to work each morning, try replacing one or two of these treats with a vegan-based one to help your dog’s stomach adjust to the change. After a few days, increase the amount of vegan-treats you offer your dog until their rewards are entirely vegan based. 

For those who love meat-based dental chews, offer small portion of a vegan-based chew to gradually transition their stomach to the healthier and more wholesome ingredients. Made with ingredients with higher fibre, you may notice when moving your pet away from standard shop-bought meat treats, increased flatulence or poop, however this will settle when your dog’s stomach regulates for an increased consumption of fresher and healthier fruit and veggies.

Best Vegan All-Natural Low-Fat Treats

For those wanting a treat with a difference, there is none quite like the scrumptiousness of Soopa. Made with all-natural, human-grade fruit and vegetables, their low-fat varieties of tasty treats for your canine companions are the ideal treat to reward your furry friend. One of the finest treats to feed your furry friend is their best-selling jumbo chews. Their delicious dental sticks are created with all-natural fruit and vegetables chosen for the blissful benefits they provide to our dog’s health and wellbeing. Want to sample their fantastic flavours? Choose from the following to reward your canine companion:

Suited for all breeds, sizes and ages of furry friend, these fantastically flavourful vegan treats are some of the best on the market and treats your dog will love time and time again. 

Vote for Vegan

Even if your pooch is a lover of all things mighty and meat, adding vegan-based treats to their daily diets can improve their health massively. Supporting shiny coats, soft and supple skin and healthier digestion, these light and low-fat alternatives can even satisfy the meatiest of mutts. 

Helping to control weight and providing pawfuls of vital vitamins and minerals for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, vegan treats really can help change your dog’s life for the better.

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