Soothing their Skin

Soothing their Skin

Just like us humans, our four-legged friends can suffer skin irritations from environmental changes such as fluctuations in temperature. With colder days drying out natural moisture in the skin, as we step into the amazement of autumn, protecting their noses, paws and bodies should definitely be our number one priority. 

The purpose of the paw is much more than just walking and running, your pet’s paws help control their temperature, level stability during fine motor tasks and protect against various terrain. Susceptible to drying out, cracking and blistering, a little extra TLC to your dog's paws and skin really can go a long way this autumn. 

Problems with your Dog’s Skin

It is not uncommon for our canine companions to get the odd bout of itches here and there but excessive scratching and itching can be an indication of much more than maybe a bout of those frightful fleas. 

Combined with a poor diet and temperature changes, your dog’s skin can be prone to issues such as:

  • Dry and Flakiness (known as Dandruff) 
  • Excessive redness
  • Hair Loss
  • Fungal infections

With some dietary changes and even topical or supplementary aids, your dog’s skin can stay supple and soft all year round. 

Supporting your Dog’s Skin 

As mentioned above, adjusting your dog’s diet or even adding supplements/topical creams to their daily routine can help maintain healthy looking and feeling paws and skin all year round. 

Skin Supporting Shampoos

When shopping for your dog’s grooming goodies, pick out products such as shampoos and sprays that are low in PH and contain ingredients such as Oatmeal, Coconut Oil and Chamomile. 

Whether you like to shop online or at your local pet store, you can find these active ingredients in many natural brands of dog shampoos and sprays without any worry or hassle. All these incredible ingredients really can help reduce the effects of dry skin and leave their bodies feeling soft and snuggly.

Give a Balanced Diet

Did you know your dog’s diet can be a contributing factor to skin issues? Dogs with diets heavily restricted or single protein based are more likely to suffer from skin irritations than dogs with well-rounded diets. 

Supplement their diets with foods rich in Omega 3 oils and ingredients with skin-supporting superpowers. Adding ingredients like fish, particularly salmon and mackerel can give their skin and coat a healthy and nutritional boost. 

For those whose dogs prefer their snacks a little less fishy, leafy greens, berries and even pumpkin can all help support problems with your four-legged friends' paws and skin.


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