Why Plant-Based Treats Are Better for Your Dog’s Health

Why Plant-Based Treats Are Better for Your Dog’s Health

Healthier, wholesome, and higher in nutritional value, plant-based treats can offer a realm of benefits for our dog’s helping to improve the health of their hearts, joints, skin, and coats. So, despite centuries of loving all things mighty and meaty, here’s why plant-based treats can be better for the health of your dog. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Treats

As we know, many of our furry friends love those meaty mouthfuls which can often be overeaten leading to excessive weight gain. Higher in fat, meat-based treats can lead to excessive bloating, flatulence and softer stools and often leave our pets lacking the vibrancy and nutrients that plant-based treats can provide. 

Lower in calories, lower in fat and generally tastier than meat-based alternatives, plant-based treats are not just nutritionally better for your dog, but they are in fact better for the planet. Vegan dog treats are healthier and more wholesome options for your dog due to the lack of processing they undertake during production. Often meat-based treats lose the majority of their nutritional value during their creation and thus become less nutritionally beneficial for our pets. Made without any artificial flavourings, preservatives and chemicals, when it comes to tasty treats, plant-based definitely take the biscuit.

Packed with pawfuls of delicious veggies and flavoursome fruits, plant-based treats can improve your dog’s health in the following ways:

  • Increased immune support from vitamin C and beta-carotene in ingredients such as carrots, sweet potato and squash 
  • Better digestion – plant-based treats are created with fruits and vegetables high in soluble fiber which slows down the digestive process allowing food to pass as a steady and natural pace. 
  • Healthier skin and coat – veggies such as kale and spinach are loaded with vitamin e and omega oils proven to help improve the feel and appearance of your dog’s skin and coat. 
  • Reduce lethargy and increase energy levels – with ingredients high in natural proteins – you may find your dog less tired and full of beans needed to do the activities they know and love. 

Types of Plant-Based Treats

When choosing plant-based treats for your pup, feeding raw foods can be one of the best ways of transitioning them away from meat-based snacks. 

Feeding Raw

Raw root vegetables like carrots and butternut squash (sliced into strips) are the pawfect way of maintaining healthy teeth whilst giving them a whole heap of nutritional support. Providing slices of fresh fruit like green apples is another way of supporting oral health as green apples contain malic acid which naturally stimulates saliva production to freshen breath. 

Cooked & Pureed

Naturally roasting or pureeing your dog’s favourite vegetables is a fantastic way of incorporating plant-based treats in their diets. In addition to roasted veggies, pureed forest or summer fruits are a great addition to your dog’s diet and can be added as a topper to your dog’s daily dinners providing them with extra immune support and antioxidants for a healthier and happier immune system. 

Purchase Plant-Based Treats

If cooking or preparing your dog’s treats appears too time consuming or stressful, then purchasing a packet of plant-based treats is the recipe for you. Available across many pet stores and online retailers, purchasing plant-based snacks is easier than ever before. From brands like Plants & Paws and Soopa, vegan snacks have never tasted as better. Made with 100% natural ingredients that are both low-in-fat and nutritionally beneficial, their range of fantastic flavours is enough to turn any avid meat-lover to the powers of plant-based

Incorporating Plant-Based Treats into Your Dog’s Diet

For those wanting to know how to add plant-based treats to their dog’s diet, the process has never been easier. Simply adding fresh fruit and vegetables as a tasty topper to your dog’s kibble or wet food, can not only provide added flavour and texture but can supplement their already nutritionally dense foods with added extra to create a healthier and more wholesome dinner. 

Just like us humans, our dog’s require a balanced diet so ensure that when you are adding any extras to your dog’s food or treats, you are not just adding unnecessary calories. For smaller breeds, top their food with no more than a small handful of your chosen fruit and vegetables whereas medium-sized or larger breeds can handle a larger handful and freshly sliced fruit or root vegetables as a evening chew. 

Top Tip! When choosing fruit and vegetables to feed to your pup, opt for ones that are within season, for example, choosing strawberries and gooseberries during summer months and selecting ravishing root vegetables during autumn and winter ensures your produce isn’t breaking the bank and you are providing your pooch with ingredients that are fresh and flavoursome. 

Pick Plant-Based

As advocates of the powers of plant-based, it is hard to ignore the benefits of what vegan treats can provide to our four-legged friends. Packed with pawfuls of nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals, opting for plant-based treats really can change your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Improving everything from skin and coat health to better digestion, picking plant-based treats are beneficial for both your dog and the planet. So, as we are making choices to live in a better and healthier planet, opting for treats that are created with both a dog’s health and the mother earth in mind, there really is no better time to move away the meat and pick up a pack of plant-based treats today. 

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